Step 6: Set-up & Implementation

This step helps you to prepare for and start implementation of your action plan.


Having designed a detailed SELFIE-based action plan (Step 5), you are now ready to implement it. During this step you will:

  • share your action plan and seek approval from the school,
  • inform and activate the various participants involved,
  • foster a sense of ownership and shared responsibility,
  • explain to participants the purposes of evaluating implemented actions,
  • take required organizational steps and measures,
  • gather and/or develop materials and tools needed,
  • define appropriate means to communicate updates regularly,
  • sustain active commitment of all participants throughout implementation period.


In Steps 4 and 5 you developed your SELFIE-based Action Plan. Now in Step 6 you are ready to put the plan into action. This requires some preparation, which requires you to:

  1. Present SELFIE-based Action Plan to school community: Present your action plan to the school’s staff (e.g., during staff meetings and/or subject department meetings) and other interested parties, such as students and parents. Allow them to acquaint themselves with the action plan and encourage them to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Involving the various participants in setting up the SELFIE-based Action Plan (as mentioned also in Step 4) is more likely to foster a sense of shared responsibility and ownership, thereby encouraging their active participation. 
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities of various participants: Inform all participants about their roles and responsibilities regarding the implementation of the action plan. Ensure that all participants have a copy of the action plan and fully understand their roles. Ensure that everyone knows who is responsible for each task. You could encourage not only school staff but also parents to get involved in the process, where possible and suitable.
  3. Explain to participants the purposes for evaluating the actions and inform them that confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process:  Explain to all participants that evaluation data will be collected during the implementation of the action plan but for formative and not for summative reasons. The main purpose of evaluation is to understand the contribution that the implemented actions are making towards improvement of the school and not to determine the performance of individuals. Personal data collected will be respected and comply with any national or international regulation such as the GDPR. If data are to be used for showcasing school actions, consent forms from participants will be required.
  4. Take required organizational steps and measures: Take all the necessary organisational steps and measures required to implement the action plan. You could consider integrating the overall timetable of your action plan into the shared calendar of the school, making any formal arrangement necessary to conduct the activities (e.g., booking spaces and facilities). To help with this, you may consider forming small, focused “implementation teams” with expertise and interest in the priority topics of your action plan who will oversee the process.
  5. Gather and/or develop materials and tools needed: Collect and/or develop any materials and tools needed to implement the action plan and monitor its progress.
  6. Define appropriate means to communicate updates regularly: Decide how, who, to whom and when progress will be reported once actions are underway.

You are now ready to start implementation of your school’s SELFIE-based Action Plan. Once your action plan is underway, make sure to sustain active commitment of all participants throughout the process by providing constant and on-demand support. This could involve regularly discussing the action plan in staff meetings; holding formal/informal discussions individually with the participants; sharing any ideas, tips and/or resources that have proven effective for individual teachers with other participants; promoting and facilitating school-based mentoring, whereby a relatively experienced teacher (the mentor) supports a relatively inexperienced teacher (the mentee).


Tool 6.1 - Template for presenting SELFIE-based action plan to school community

A simple PowerPoint template for presenting the school’s SELFIE-based action plan to the school community. The structure of the presentation is based on the word format of the SELFIE-based action plan from Step 4. Use the fonts and color as is or change it to match up your school’s style.

Use online tools (such as Microsoft Teams, Google Jamboard, Padlet, Mentimeter etc.) to enable members of the school community to communicate and collaborate, provide feedback and give input in real time, regarding of aspects the action plan.


When you have finished this step, you should have:

Step 5

Fine Plan & Set Evaluation Means

Step 7

Monitor & Evaluate Action

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