Step 3:
Set Priorities And Action Plan Goals

This step helps you to prioritise the SELFIE areas/items identified for action and to define goals for pursuing improvement aligned to these priorities.

What does this step involve?

Having reviewed the results of your school SELFIE report (Step 1) and established a shared understanding among all team members on selected issue/s and related facets (Step 2), you are now ready to set priorities and action plan goals. In this step, you will:

  • Prioritise the SELFIE Areas*/items that you have identified as requiring action.
  • Define goals for pursuing improvements aligned to these priorities.

* There are eight (8) SELFIE Areas indicated by the first letter in each item: (A) Leadership, (B) Collaboration and Networking, (C) Infrastructure and Equipment, (D) Continuing Professional Development, (E) Pedagogy: Supports and Resources, (F) Pedagogy: Implementation in the classroom, (G) Assessment Practices, (H) Student Digital Competence.

How do we perform this step?

For this step you need to prioritise the SELFIE Areas/items that you have already identified in the previous Steps 1 and 2 as requiring action and set goals to achieve improvements that align with these priorities. It is important to stress that the goals identified here in Step 3 will become the overall goals of the SELFIE-based Action Plan that your school will subsequently develop in Steps 4 & 5 (Phase 2).

These priorities and goals should be in line with and complement general priorities defined by your school, and also reflect policy initiatives defined by education authorities at local/regional/national level. In sorting out your school’s priorities and setting its goals, you can also consider specific conditions (e.g., urgency of the matters at hand), constrains (e.g., resources needed, timeframe to carry out all tasks), and the breadth and depth of the intervention your school can feasibly commit itself to complete. Once the overall priorities and goals are defined and agreed by the whole SELFIE PTK coordinating team, you can start developing the detailed SELFIE-based Action Plan.

For each priority set, one or more goals are to be defined. The goals need to be consistent with the priority, measurable and realistic, and devoted to achieving improvement or optimization in view of the findings from Steps 1 and 2. Meeting these criteria forms a backbone for your school’s progress from its current status regarding digital technology use to strategies and practices that are more effective and innovative. To this purpose, your school can use and adapt the example goals featured in the SELFIE PTK scaffolding guidelines. Alternatively, your school may draw on goals related to the same Area/item shared by other schools through the SELFIE PTK online portal.

What support do we have for this step?

Tool 3.1 - Template For Setting Priorities And Action Plan Goals.

A template to use for writing down the priorities and action plan goals you have set. File available in both MS Word and PDF format for any school to download and use.

Example of priorities and goal(s) for the action plan

Below, you can find some examples of priorities and goal(s) for the SELFIE-based action plan. Your school can use such example action objectives as-is, or as a starting point upon which it can base its own action objectives.

Priority 1
Priority 2
(F) Pedagogy: Implementation in the Classroom
(D) Continuing Professional Development
SELFIE Item(s): Code/Title
(F1) Teachers use digital technologies to tailor their teaching to students’ individual needs
(D1) School leaders and teachers discuss of teachers’ CPD needs for teaching with digital technologies.

(D2) Teachers have opportunities to participate in CPD for teaching and learning with digital technologies
Goal(s): Goals for the action plan
GOAL 1: Employ digital technologies for fostering personalization of teaching and learning processes across the curriculum.

GOAL 2: Make provision for focused training activities and teachers’ peer mentoring and exchange as measures promoting further development of the digital competences in the school-teacher cohort.

In the first part of this video from #SELFIEPTKMOOC (see video from start up to minute 2:38), you can find out more about how to identify priorities and goals requiring action to further the school’s digital capacity.

Checklist of step outcomes

When you have finished this step, you should have:

Step 2

Review Results From SELFIE School Report

Step 4

Describe Activities​

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