What is a SELFIE-Based Action Plan?

As mentioned, the SELFIE PTK is designed to assist you in interpreting the data contained in your school’s SELFIE Report, and then in using the insights you gain as a basis for producing a soundly structured, evidence-based plan (what we refer to as a SELFIE-based Action Plan) for better use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. This plan that you produce is a self-contained document which proposes activities that typically can be enacted and completed within a single school year (or in some cases over a longer time frame, even lasting up to three years). These activities will be run, monitored, modified where necessary, and evaluated for the impact they have on advancing your school’s digital competence in the selected SELFIE areas/items. Review of those impact results should help you refine and develop the school’s Action Plan even further, opening up a cyclical approach of school-wide digital competence development. So ultimately, the aim is to foster and sustain an ongoing, systematic process in which all members of the school’s learning community are actively engaged.

Your school’s SELFIE-based Action Plan could be part of an overall School Improvement Plan or maybe linked to other education policies or frameworks set out for schools in your region and/or country. It might contain the following information:

  1. Description of the current state of the school’s digital strategies and practices based on the SELFIE results (SELFIE PTK Steps 1 & 2).
  2. Prioritized list of SELFIE areas and selected items identified as requiring action, along with goals set for pursuing improvements aligned to these priorities (SELFIE PTK Step 3).
  3. General description of the set of activities that are to be taken to achieve defined goals and priorities (SELFIE PTK Step 4).
  4. Detailed analytical description of each activity specifying aspects such as who will be responsible, the implementation timeline for performing and completing the activity, the expected outcomes, how the activity will be monitored and evaluated (SELFIE PTK Step 5).
  5. Some critical analysis of each implemented activity, added to the plan when review is undertaken (SELFIE PTK Step 7).
  6. Reflective comments on the overall implementation and outcome of the action plan, once completed, to serve as a basis for the next iteration of the planning cycle (SELFIE PTK Step 7).

You can download a template to use for your SELFIE-based Action Plan as a Microsoft Word document or in a PDF format. Any school is free to use the template document and even modify it to fit their specific needs.

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